I Bow

I bow to time
Quite literally
In the kitchen
Before the clock with the pendulum

I pause to consider my options
And conflicting desires
Wants and needs
To walk in sunshine
To read, to exercise
To correspond, to work
To eat, to dream
To study, to sing

I bow before time
As a Japanese warrior 
Bows in respect before the battle
Bows in respect after the battle
Win or lose
Honoring the adversary
Who makes your battle possible
Honoring the ally who makes your battle possible
Meaningful, Challenging
Joyful, Sad

The bow expresses gratitude and respect
For what I am given and what I am not
In this nanosecond of cosmic time that is my life
Our livee
Our awareness
Our choices

Swept up in time
One moment it is stormy
The next bright sunshine
If you don’t like the weather
Wait around a couple of minutes

I bow to the clock
To time
To limits
To reality so called
To my spirit
To my flesh
To the great mind

The bow
Is delicious

© 1980s