bruce taub on walkabout - temple in remtuk, sikkim on new year's day 2012.

... it is not through the great skill of the hunter that success is achieved, but through the hunter’s awareness of her/his place in Creation and relationship to all things.
— indigenous american (crow) wisdom

... this site was first begun around 2010, designed with the intention of helping a half century of written work escape the bounds of its voluntary imprisonment ... and, inasmuch as i had been actively traveling three or four month a year for the past few years in SE Asia, India, Africa, and the South China Sea, to also serve as a vehicle for recording and sharing my thoughts and observations as i travel round the planet.

... there are four main categories of writings on this site - poetry, commune stories, travel writings, and other writings (memoirs, non-travel stories, and select journal entries).  for travel writings just click on a Travel section.

.. i thrill to the fact there is so much fabulous writing and art being generated these days  - in books, magazines, journals, on the web, and elsewhere - TV shows, student created works, plays, fascinating blogs, and just plain old good visual and verbal art and intimate essential conversations.  i almost resisted adding to the onslaught by not posting these materials, but the jailer was old, looking at death on the horizon, and tired of enforcing the restrictive rules.  besides, the prisoners were deemed by the highest authorities to be as rehabilitated and presentable as they ever would be, at least those that made it out, mostly all harmless i trust, and restless for a taste of liberty and fresh air ...  

... oh ... one last introductory comment.  the photo of me above was taken on New Years Day, 2012 at the Remtuck Temple outside of Gangtuk, in the Himalayas, in Sikkim.  on one of the locked doors at the Temple was a sign written in english, which seemed very odd to me.  it read, "No Entry without Purpose."  I have tried to follow that guidance wherever I go and whenever I enter ...