Politics - The Rant

where I'm at "politically" ...

After years and years of a saying I wanted to change the world and see it freed of unjust  power relations, imperialism, greed, environmental denial and lack of respect - I now view a focus on "how we change the world as a whole" to be (a) presumptuous, and (b) a 'practice" error  Changing societies and human and interspecies interrelationships and structures takes time, the right conditions, the sharp and blunt forces of evolution, and immense amounts of "doing"/changing behavior and perception.  So now I'm just a single issue guy.

In this regard I still consider pda - www.pdamerica.org - to offer the finest practical strategy for changing the American political landscape.  Yet even there I believe that "activists" must focus on one or two areas they choose to give attention to, rather than saying they are replacing capitalism with socialism, or ending war per se, as examples.  Rather we have to target very specific campaigns, i.e., reforming the tax code, protecting fair elections, working for a specific candidate, single payer health care ... think globally, act locally.  Besides, while positive transformation is obviously about "politics" it is also about spirituality and the evolution of consciousness..  

The political areas I give my "doing" attention to these days are
       - transforming the mechanisms for democratically electing our representatives, 
       - ending the Israeli Occupation of Palestine, 
       - the environment, particularly nuclear energy, particularly the evil Pilgrim Nuclear Disease Factory in Plymouth, MA.
I am a very active member of the Cape Cod affiliate of Move to Amend - www.movetoamend.com.  An article worth reading in regard to big money and the electoral process is - http://www.southernstudies.org/2012/11/did-big-money-really-lose-this-election-hardly.html.  And this redrawing of maps reflecting real red/blue distribution in the USA - http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mejn/election/2012/ - is also useful and revealing.  Evolving to a ranked voting system would be ideal.  Google it.

Regarding matters in Israel/Palestine I am an active member of the U.S. Campaign to end the Occupation, http://www.endtheoccupation.org/, and Jewish Voice for Peace, http://jewishvoiceforpeace.org/.  The issue of one state/two states in I/P has long been a problem for me.  The popular position of those peace and justice organizations i align myself with has traditionally been "agnostic" on the question of one state/two states, believing, and rightly so, that resolution of the conflict in I/P can only be arrived at by the Palestinians and the Israelis themselves, and that we American opponents of the Occupation are limited in our efforts to only the derailing of the Occupation.  Even when we believed that the "facts on the ground" precluded a just two state solution it was considered politically correct to say we were agnostic, that it was not ours to decide, and that the only legitimate posture we could take was to work for and demand an end to the occ.  That has now changed for me for a number of reasons and I believe that the one state solution is the inevitable outcome in I/P, and given that outcome i find it hard to imagine that israel can long remain an apartheid nation.  Thus i live with the hope that the remarkable israeli people and the remarkable palestinian people - given each people's common ancestry and often shared history of suffering, compassion, and courage - will in fact find a way to establish a meaningful joint state, protective of the interests of both people in honoring their humane traditions, in an atmosphere of mutual respect, and the understanding that what is good for one is good for all and that israelis will acknowledge the nakba - much as Palestinians have come to acknowledge the holocaust - and will allow the right of return, and the sharing of Jerusalem as the nations capital.  The Jewish-dominant state must fall ... as well it should.  Palestinians and Israelis - united in their search for security and social and economic justiuce and prosperity - will become a beacon to the world and the middle east for modernity, equality, women's liberation, environmental sharing and respect, economic power not rooted in oil.  i look forward to the future and it will be good.  

Finally, I am of the view that the intended and unintended genocide of the indigenous populations in the western hemisphere has failed and that the wisdom and perspective of native peoples lives on.  Needless to say, this is a good thing, because we humans must remember that we belong to mother Earth and not the other way around.

For an interesting comparison of the Palestinian problem and the Indigenous Peoples of the U.S. problem see ...