Travel Stories

Swiss Air is the Coolest!

From my notebook. 

1/11/11 10:50p (Boston Time) on the plane to Zurich.

Swiss air is dope.  Not having much turbulence so far helps, but the overall travel experience is legit.  We actually got served a real meal on the plane for the first time in as long as I can remember.  Tortellini pasta with salad, warm bread and cheese.  I’m starting to like this travel stuff already.  Shit…turbulence, just kidding, were good…anxious face.  Topped my meal off with a little white wine…”I come alive in the night time” (drizzy voice).  Pops is passed out next to me.  This tends to be a theme when we travel together.  I’m a terrible plane sleeper.  I’m god knows how many feet above the earth, going 700 mph, above the middle of the Atlantic ocean, traveling somewhere Ive never been before, and you expect me to sleep??  Not happening.  Whatever, this wine is proper and it didn`t cost me 10 bucks *cough* United. *cough* Anyways, I think I saw the 30 Rock Christmas special on the in-flight TV programming.  Tracy Morgan always relaxes me.  Holler at y’all again soon.