* * * * *

crow visits the river

You’ll notice
The very shiny crow
Who presented himself
So barefaced on the lawn
This morning
Between the house and the river
Stared straight at us
And came alone
Unusual for crows
And as if on a specific mission,
Called out a few crow bars
To make sure we were watching
Picked up a single oak leaf
And then flew off

I ask you now,
What does a crow want
With a single oak leaf
On the day before the equinox
Other than to provide a kind of cover
So that his visit as messenger
Does not embarrass us
Nor appear too ridiculously
Obvious and blunt

Well, if the message is so blunt,
You ask, what might it be?
And although always a matter of interpretation
I suggest to you this one said:
It is never too late
To find and add what is needed
Nor ever too late
To withdraw what is not.