between spiders

the beautiful jumping spider awakens
on the inner side of the south facing window pane
on a warm day in winter
resting on her mullion

on the other side of the glass
between the exterior of the window pane
and the storm window
a much smaller spider 
awakens to spin her web

wherever the smaller spider moves
the bigger spider follows 
as if magnetized
up and down across the pane
tracking with instant accuracy
but never to meet
the larger inner spider 
seems not to understand
the reality of glass and transparency
the smaller outer spider
seems oblivious

the inner spider wants more meaningful contact
whether love or consumption
we do not know
sometimes they are merged 
oblivion and hunger
separated by a pane of glass 
though unlike these spiders
i am sure of my intentions
and can actually smell you

©brtaub 2008