99 Gratitudes (in 3 Minutes) - ­ A Yoga Chanting Poem

Gratitude is an attitude
Not a platitude.
Be Gratitude.
See Gratitude.
Sculpt Gratitude.
Wear Gratitude.
Where’s Gratitude?
Here’s Gratitude.
Practice gratitude.
Standing.  Gratitude.
Death.  Gratitude.
Breath. Gratitude.
Downward dog.  Gratitude.
To the injured.  Gratitude.
To the healers.  Gratitude.
In suppression.  Gratitude.
For expression.  Gratitud.
Courage.  Gratitude
Caring.  Gratitude.
Not caring.  Gratitude.
Wish it were different.  Gratitude.
Wish I were different.  Gratitude.
Accepting what is true.  Gratitude.
Openness.  Gratitude.
To pain, to pleasure, to change.  Gratitude.
To jealousy.  Gratitude.
To crow pose, to lion, to life.  Gratitude.
To the teachers.  Gratitude.
To their flaws.  Gratitude.
To the slights.  Gratitude.
To the mind.  Gratitude.
To the heart.  Gratitude.
To muscle, sinew, joints, and bone.  Our gratitude.
Electrons.  Gratitude.
DNA.  Gratitude
Our spirit.  Gratitude.
Ancestors.  Gratitude.
Continuity and flow.  Gratitude.
To distrust.  Gratitude.
And in trusting.  Gratitude.
Pranayama.  Gratitude.
It’s a feeling.  Gratitude.
It’s all thought.  Gratitude.
Love of beauty.  Gratitude.
Look before you leap.  Gratitude.
She who hesitates is lost.  Gratitude.
No matter how much I try … Gratitude.
It will never change.  Gratitude.
In the rocks and in the stones our gratitude.
Step in the stream.  Gratitude.
Don’t give a damn.  Gratitude.
I’d give my life.  Gratitude.
For our genitals.  Gratitude.
And our effort.  Gratitude.
Inspiration.  Gratitude
Transformation.  Gratitude.
Warriors I, II, III.  Gratitude.
To the liberators.  Gratitude.
Thinking.  Gratitude.
Don’t know mind.  Gratitude.
Fish, fire, phoenix.  Gratitude.
Mother, brother, straddle.  Gratitude.
Tomorrow.  Gratitude.
Bird of paradise.  Gratitude.
In beauty.  Gratitude.
The hoop of our people.  Gratitude.
Loved and lost.  Gratitude.
Humility.  Gratitude.
Futility.  Gratitude.
Magic.  Gratitude.
Tragic.  Gratitude.
The arrival.  Gratitude.
The departure.  Gratitude.
The explicit.  Gratitude.
The unstated.  Gratitude.
In the Word.  Gratitude.
The inversions.  Gratitude.
The unconscious.  Gratitude.
All the dreams.  Gratitude.
And the dreamers.  Gratitude.
To be small.  Gratitude.
To be huge.  Gratitude.
Active feet.  Gratitude.
Chanting.  Gratitude.
To the monk.  Gratitude.
To those present.  Gratitude
And those absent.  Gratitude.
To our graces.  Gratitude.
For the dolphins.  Gratitude.
Tears and fears.  Gratitude.
Competition.  Gratitude.
To the guys.  Gratitude.
And the goddesses.  Gratitude.
No one asks.  Gratitude.
Bring it on.  Gratitude.
Forward bend.  Gratitude.
In the dark.  Gratitude.
In the light.  Gratitude.
Namaste.  Gratitude.
Blessed silence.  Gratitude.